Mushroom Tastings

MAW’s mushroom tastings feature mycophagy (mushroom-based cooking) – delicious and educational at the same time! These programs allow members to share their best mushroom dishes and recipes. Taste mushrooms and other wild foods you have never tried before, and compare the results of different preparation and preservation techniques.

If it’s a particularly good year, a tasting might feature porcini risotto, morel quiche, chicken mushroom satay, chanterelle crostini, hen-of-the woods stir-fry, puffball Parmesan, and even candy cap ice cream. Cooks might explore:

  • Which makes better broth – black staining polypore or hen of the woods?
  • Which makes better risotto – black trumpet chanterelles or boletes?
  • Do you prefer truffle ice cream or candy cap ice cream? 

Come out to cook, or just to taste. Cooks get free entry! Participants will vote for the best preparations and we will share our recipes. 

MAW’s tastings are members-only. You must be an active member of MAW on the day of the event to attend. These popular events often sell out, so we strongly recommend that you preregister!

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