MAWDC Monthly Meeting: September

  • 01 Sep 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • On-line via Zoom
If you're not looking forward to this meeting, you may need to find another pastime.  This month we're very excited to have Daniel Winkler and chef Zachary Mazi as our guest lecturers.  It's going to be an awesome evening. 

Daniel is a mycological savant based in the Pacific Northwest, who owns and operates a mycological tourism company called Mushroaming, and we couldn't be happier to finally have him join us.  Please see the blurb below for additional details, and seriously folks, this is one lecture not to be missed.

And as if that weren't enough, MAWDC will also have a short presentation from chef Zachary Mazi in the opening hour on the edible mushrooms of Thailand.  How great does that sound?  We're going to learn how to ID some mushrooms with Daniel, and then we're going to learn how to cook 'em up with chef Zachary.  Hope to see you there!

Meetings are being hosted on Zoom for the foreseeable future.  Here's the Zoom link for the September meeting.

  • Meeting ID: 755 879 6575

This presentation features stunning mushroom images and stories from ten years of “Mushroaming”, a term Daniel coined for his mushroom themed eco-adventures exploring the funga of exotic destinations. When traveling in rugged High Asia (Tibet & Bhutan), his native Alps, tropical South America (Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia & Suriname), as well as wild North America, Daniel is on the hunt for gorgeous choice edibles, potent medicinals, and all kinds of bizarre and colorful fungi from the most minute to massive fruitings. His favorite hounds are rain forests, be it tropical or temperate as well as alpine environments. His favorite fungi (besides all these tasty edibles) are strange Cordyceps, which triggered Daniel’s curiosity in medicinal mushrooms 20 years ago in Tibet. Recently this interest matured into a new field guide “Medicinal Mushrooms of North America” published in cooperation with Robert Rogers.

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