MAWDC Monthly Meeting: March

  • 02 Mar 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • virtual via Zoom

This month we're going to discuss some of the ways in which fungi can be used as an agent of bio-control.  Did you know in agriculture, you can employ fungi to defend your crops against many types of invaders?  Against weeds (herbicide); insects (insecticide); and even other fungi (fungicide).  We are, however, still working on a fungal defense for invading royalty (regicide).  MAWDC members Chris Wozniak, John Kough and Jeannine Kaush will be our guest lecturers on this fascinating topic.

It's nearly morel season and nothing but nothing gets the mushroom hunter's heart pumping like this annual rite of passage, but what to do, what to do with your earthy bounty once you get them home?  Our short lecture this month will be from Albert Casciero, Fungi magazine's 'Wild Epicure', with some tips on the best ways to prepare your morel cache.

We'll be virtual again this month, via Zoom.  Here are the login credentials, including passcode should you need it.

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