Non-MAW member foray payments

 Some of MAW's forays are open to non-MAW members through referral from MAW’s Meetup group ( or by special arrangement with MAW officers.  There is a $5 per adult/per foray charge, which must be paid via PayPal (taking credit card for non PayPal members) in order to receive details about the foray location and to participate in the foray.  Please enter the appropriate amount in the dropdown button at the bottom of this page and include in the comment box your name and the foray date and name for which the payment is being made. 

As is the case for all MAW members, participation in MAW activities is subject to the following liability waiver and indemnification, to which your agreement is indicated by submitting you payment through this page:

Your participation in any activities of sponsored by the Mycological Association of Washington (“MAW”) (including as a member of MAW's Meetup group (the “Group”) constitutes a continuing acknowledgment that you are aware that (a) the identification of wild mushrooms always carries with it the risk that a mushroom may be misidentified, (b) consuming a mushroom that has been incorrectly identified creates a risk of personal injury, including serious illness (up to and including an untimely death), and (c) eating mushrooms and other foraged foods, even if correctly identified, involves a risk of illness, injury or death as a result of personal sensitivity (including allergy or harmful interaction with other medicines you may be taking). 

In consideration for your participation in any activities sponsored by MAW or the Group and their respective members, you agree to, and do, personally assume all risks arising from these activities and agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the Group, MAW and any of their officers and members from any and all legal responsibility for injuries or accidents suffered by you, your family members or any minor child under your care during or as a result of any activity conducted or facilitated by the Group or MAW, including but not limited to use of information provided by the Group and MAW directly or in their sponsored websites, and all activities involving mushroom collection, identification or consumption.


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