The MAWDC Fungal DNA Sequencing group is a collaborative team of MAWDC members who use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify fungal DNA sequences for taxonomic identification.  MAWDC's annual budget provides sufficient funding for the team to process a nontrivial number of fungi each year so we can better understand the fungal biodiversity of our region.

For an introductory video of field collection best practices, try this video, or for detailed overview of fungal DNA sequencing, check out this wonderful video by Damon Tighe, or this one by Sigrid Jacob.  This video by Everymanbio is well worth viewing too.

In this document, also by Sigrid Jacob, you'll find specific protocols for DNA Sequencing, and this photo document by Alan Rockefeller is another good source of information.  For shorter and more specific videos, check out Sigrid Jacob's youtube channel.

Phylogeny Chart for the Fungal Tree of Life courtesy of Jacob Kalichman

Link to the file above: _Kalichman-foray2.pdf

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