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Field Guide Recommendations

A field guide is essential for learning to identify mushrooms. Some good resources for the DC area are:

  • Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by William C. Roody
  • The National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms of North America by Gary Lincoff

MAW in the News

Other Mushroom Clubs

MAW is part of a network of mushroom clubs around the country. You may want to check out some of these other groups.

Other Local Nature Resources

There are more than just mushrooms to see and learn about. 

  • Audubon Naturalist Society - The Audubon Naturalist Society provides opportunities to learn about trees, herbaceous plants, geology and, of course, birds.
  • Hiker's Notebook - An engaging and informative resource for outdoor enthusiasts from MAW vice president William Needham.
  • Matt's Habitats - Additional opportunities to learn about the edible outdoors from MAW member Matt Cohen.
  • Maryland Native Plant Society - The name says it all. This local and very active group is a great resource to learn about our regional flora though its many sponsored events. Learning to ID trees will make you a better mushroomer!

Past Newsletters

The Sporophore is MAW's quarterly newsletter , which includes great information about mushrooms you're likely to see in our area, and updates on club activities.  In the table below, you'll find our most current edition as well as previous ones.


 Winter  Spring  Summer


 2022 2022-01-Sporophore.pdf    2022-09-Sporophore.pdf   
 2021   2021-03-Sporophore.pdf  2021-07-Sporophore.pdf   
 2020 2020-01-Sporophore.pdf  2020-05-Sporophore.pdf   2020-08-Sporophore.pdf 2020-12-Sporophore.pdf
 2019 2019-03-Sporophore.pdf    2019-08-Sporophore.pdf
2018 2018-02-Sporophore.pdf

2017 2017-02-Sporophore.pdf 2017-05-Sporophore.pdf 2017-07-Sporophore.pdf 2017-12-Sporophore.pdf
2016 2016-01-Sporophore.pdf 2016-04-Sporophore.pdf 2016-07-Sporophore.pdf 2016-11-Sporophore.pdf
2015 2015-01-Sporophore.pdf 2015-04-Sporophore.pdf 2015-07-Sporophore.pdf 2015-10-Sporophore.pdf
2014 2014-01-Sporophore.pdf 2014-04-Sporophore.pdf 2014-07-Sporophore.pdf 2014-10-Sporophore.pdf
2013-01-Sporophore.pdf 2013-04-Sporophore.pdf 2013-06-Sporophore.pdf 2013-10-Sporophore.pdf
2012 2012-01-Sporophore.pdf 2012-04-Sporophore.pdf 2012-07-Sporophore.pdf 2012-10-Sporophore.pdf
2011 2011-01-Sporophore.pdf 2011-04-Sporophore.pdf 2011-07-Sporophore.pdf 2011-10-Sporophore.pdf
2010-03-Sporophore.pdf 2010-06-Sporophore.pdf 2010-09-Sporophore.pdf
2009 2009-12-Sporophore.pdf 2009-03-Sporophore.pdf 2009-06-Sporophore.pdf 2009-09-Sporophore.pdf
2008 2008-12-Sporophore.pdf 2008-03-Sporophore.pdf 2008-06-Sporophore.pdf 2008-09-Sporophore.pdf
2007 2007-12-Sporophore.pdf 2007-03-Sporophore.pdf 2007-06-Sporophore.pdf 2007-09-Sporophore.pdf
2006 2006-12-Sporophore.pdf 2006-03-Sporophore.pdf 2006-06-Sporophore.pdf 2006-09-Sporophore.pdf
2005 2005-12-Sporophore.pdf 2005-03-Sporophore.pdf
2005-06-Sporophore.pdf 2005-09-Sporophore.pdf
2004 2004-12-Sporophore.pdf 2004-03-Sporophore.pdf 2004-06-Sporophore.pdf 2004-09-Sporophore.pdf

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